SeaOpen develops AI-powered eCommerce websites for personalized shopping, powerful analytics, and sustainable growth.


Powering the most innovative teams at companies of all sizes

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canva sourcegraph robinhood ramp quizlet handshake khan-academy descript clearbit casetext canopy rippling

Commerce AI development

SeaOpen drives eCommerce innovation with advanced AI technology.

Secure, managed, & advanced hosting

Experience the power of secure, managed, and advanced hosting – optimize performance and focus on your business.

SEO & Advertising solutions

Get SEO & advertising solutions that drive traffic, boost visibility, and maximize your online presence.

Ready for liftoff?

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Ready for liftoff?

We handle the tech, you achieve record-breaking product sales.

Ecommerce sales graph on the rise

Get smart AI recommendations for both clients and managers.

ai recommendation ecommerce

Lose the wait, accelerate your code creation.

Different development languages

Solutions that boost visibility, maximize impact, and grow your online presence.


Why SeaOpen

Seamless tool integration for tracking progress and boosting results – stay focused on your site's core purpose.

We are proud of that


Higher CTR


More sales


higher quality work

Source: AI-based measurement tools from :SeaOpen & Google Analytics & Google Console

“SeaOpen infuses every aspect of our business, from data-driven marketing strategies to streamlined customer support communications to in-depth performance reporting. It's transformed our efficiency, empowering us to excel across all operations.”
Connor O’Brien VP of GTM Strategy & Operations, Sourcegraph
“As a company dedicated to modernizing the insurance industry, Vouch demands flexibility and accuracy. SeaOpen has become an essential tool for our teams. With SeaOpen, we can optimize policy creation, analyze risk more precisely, and personalize client communication – all at unprecedented speed and detail.”
Sam Hodges CEO and co-founder, Vouch

Advanced Technology

  • Dedicated AI Tools For Sales Sites

  • Ecommerce Development For Your Business

  • 24/7 Managed Hosting

  • Worldwide Payment Gateway Solution - For every country

  • The Most Advanced Advertising Solutions, Trusted Ny Leading Brands

  • The Only SEO Your Business Will Ever Need

  • Friendly Service, Fair Prices

Security & Privacy

  • Google Cloud Experts

  • Managed Backups

  • 7 Layers Of Security

  • A Personal Security Representative For Each Project

  • SeaOpen Managed Access Control

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