Careers At SeaOpen

SeaOpen is a development company for advanced online stores integrated with AI. Our mission is simple, to develop the best sales websites in the world.


The future of AI-integrated commerce websites

Imagine that your website knows exactly what to recommend to your customer in real time, just like a professional sales representative who works 24/7

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SeaOpen builds high-converting sales websites using SEO, data-driven design, and cutting-edge AI.

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Our work

Web Development

Our team of experts will handle everything from design and development to marketing and optimization.


Drive more traffic to your sales site with our advanced SEO solutions.

Careers at SeaOpen

Developing AI-based sales sites, which are able to succeed in different markets, requires people from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

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Be part of the team that pushes the boundaries of
E-commerce for customers all over the world.